Neuropathological Findings in the Thrombosis of Cerebral Veins and Sinuses: Vascular Aspects

  • J. Cervos-Navarro
  • S. Kannuki


Cerebral sinus vein thrombosis (CSVT) is a well recognized clinical and neuropathological entity. Recent progress of neuroradiology made intra vitam diagnosis and visualization of gross parenchymal damage possible [3,19,20,22]. Previously the disease was thought to have a poor prognosis and high mortality [14]. In recent neuroradiological and/or clinical studies on CSVT, however, many patients exhibited a good prognosis [3,10,13]. Neuroradiology, however, provides only limited information on the nature of the thrombus, even when using high-resolution CT or NMR scans [19,22]. Up to now examinations of vascular aspects of CSVT in autopsy series are rare. In this article we review retrospectively 41 cases of CSVT which were neuropathologically examined in our institute between 1969 and 1987.


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  • J. Cervos-Navarro
    • 1
  • S. Kannuki
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of NeuropathologyFree University of BerlinBerlin 45Germany

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