Planar Diode with a Thin Base

  • Yurii R. Nosov
Part of the Monographs in Semiconductor Physics book series (MOSEPH, volume 4)


In many types of planar semiconductor diode, the assumption of an infinitely thick base is not satisfied. A parallel ohmic contact with the n-type region is usually located in the immediate vicinity of a p-n junction and the base resistance is reduced by the shortening of the distance between this contact and the rectifying p-n junction. In those cases when the distance between the p-n junction and the ohmic contact is comparable with the hole diffusion length, the presence of such a contact alters the process of accumulation and dispersal of the excess charge and, consequently, the nature of the transient processes which accompany the switching of such a diode.


Ohmic Contact Transient Process Reverse Current Nonlinear Boundary Condition Hole Density 
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