Sensory Synaptic Cascades

  • George Somjen
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From this chapter onward the use of phrases such as “perhaps,” “possibly,” and “we don’t know” will be increasing in frequency.

An exposition is given of the various transformations that can occur in systems of information transmission. A distinction is introduced between ‘active’ and ‘passive’ processing of information. The former requires recognition of the signal, which in turn implies the use of stored memories. The latter is defined as the sum of transformations completely explainable in terms of the input.

Besides somewhat cloudy issues such as that of ‘isomorphism,’ the more clearly defined problems, as the function and the meaning of the various forms of synaptic inhibition in afferent systems, are discussed here.

It is suggested that neurons cannot be lost without some deterioration of function, although such may be difficult to discover by standard laboratory tests.


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