Theory and Practice in Group Psychotherapy with Borderline and Narcissistic Psychopathologies

  • Nonna Slavinska-Holy


The task of this Panel was to consider the following: contemporary approaches to understanding and treating borderline and narcissistic psychopathologies reflect a variety of separate (or seemingly separate) theoretical positions: developmental, object relations, ego psychology, psychoanalysis and others. At times, they appear to contradict one another. There are conceptual and semantic confusions among these positions. A group of leading professionals, all of whom have seriously studied these syndromes, attempted a synthesis of thought and creation of a deeper, integrated perspective. Consensus was sought concerning theoretical formulations, in order to link them, with the best possible fit, to psychotherapeutic strategy. The processes of differentiation and integration — fundamental in human growth and development — characterized the panel in their endeavour toward a more cohesive professional vision.


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