On the Theory and Technique of Couple Group Analysis

  • Michael Lukas Moeller


Couple group analysis (henceforth CGA) combines the psycho-analytically orientated concepts of couple therapy and of group treatment. It thus integrates two established forms of treatment based on wide experience and subject of relatively extensive research. In spite of this good foundation and in spite of its great theoretical and socio-political significance CGA is practiced on a comparatively small scale and faces strong resistance both from the profession and from potential patients. The resistance of therapists arises from their training which is still orientated towards the individual, whilst that of potential patients can likewise be explained by the traditional concept of illness centred on the individual. An inquiry amongst West German institutions of psychosomatics/psychotherapy has shown that all outpatient clinics now routinely practise counselling and treatment of couples.


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  • Michael Lukas Moeller
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  1. 1.GiessenW. Germany

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