In 1971, Dr. Quentin Jones, now of the National Program Staff, SEA, USDA, suggested that the Plant Taxonomy Laboratory devise a format for concise write-ups on 1,000 economic plants (Duke and Terrell, 1974; Duke et al., 1975). Dr. C. F. Reed was contracted to search the literature on these economic plants, which included 146 species of legumes. From 1971 through 1974, Dr. Reed prepared rough drafts of write-ups on the 1,000 species. It was my responsibility to establish the format and monitor the write-ups, to ensure that they would answer many questions on legumes directed to the USDA by our taxpaying public. Since then, a computerized system alerts me to new publications on legumes. I have ordered for our files copies of the more promising documents. With the evolution of the manual, many later references supplanted earlier ones. Some repetitive information was dropped by condensing the write-ups on secondary species within the genera.


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