Alterations in Electrical Double Layer Structure Due to Electromagnetic Coupling to Membrane Bound Enzymes

  • James D. Bond
  • N. Convers Wyeth


We shall discuss the role that the electrical double layer formed at the interface of a charged biological membrane and the membrane’s extracellular ionic environment might play in gaining an understanding of how time-varying electromagnetic fields of very low intensity interact with the membrane per se. The analysis we shall present originated in an effort to explain what have generally become known as nonthermal interactions; that is coupling between an external field and the biological system of interest that cannot be attributed to the thermalization of the energy carried by the field. Alternatively such responses cannot be elicited by simple heating processes, for example via some other experimental means of heating.


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  • James D. Bond
    • 1
  • N. Convers Wyeth
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  1. 1.Science Applications International CorporationMcLeanUSA

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