Genetic and Structural Studies of a V-Region Marker in Mouse Immunoglobulin Light Chains

  • Paul D. Gottlieb


This chapter describes the characteristics and strain distribution of a genetic marker discovered by Edelman and Gottlieb (1970) in the V regions of serum Ig L chains of unimmunized mice. Gottlieb (1974) demonstrated that expression of this V-region marker (called the IB-peptide marker) is closely linked to the Ly-3 genetic locus governing expression of a thymocyte surface antigen (Boyse et al., 1971). The Ly-3 locus resides in linkage group XI on chromosome 6 of the mouse (Itakura et al., 1972). If the locus governing expression of the IB-peptide marker is a structural locus for L-chain V regions, then it too resides in linkage group XI, and this would be the first instance in any species in which structural genes for an Ig chain have been placed in a particular linkage group. The possibility exists, however, that the locus which maps in linkage group XI does not contain structural genes for light-chain V regions, but rather is a regulatory locus which governs the expression of structural genes encoded in this linkage group or elsewhere in the genome.


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