Preliminary Amino Acid Sequences of Transplantation Antigens: Genetic and Evolutionary Implications

  • J. Silver
  • L. Hood


The major histocompatibility complex of the mouse (H-2 complex) is a multigenic chromosomal region which was originally defined on the basis of eliciting rapid graft rejection (Gorer, 1937; Amos et al., 1955). Individuals that differ solely at this region rapidly reject tumor and skin grafts from one another (Counce et al., 1956). More recently, the major histocompatibility complex has occupied a central role in modern immunological research because of the variety of important immunologically related functions coded by this region (Shreffler and David, 1975; Klein, 1976). These include (1) genes determining specific immune responsiveness to a wide variety of antigens (the Ir genes) (Benacerraf and McDevitt, 1972; McDevitt et al., 1974a), (2) genes regulating Τ lymphocy te-B lymphocyte interactions that lead to specific immune responses (Katz et al., 1975), and (3) genes controlling the levels and/or structures of complement components (Goldman and Goldman, 1975). In addition, susceptibility to viral carcinogenesis also maps in this region (Lilly and Pincus, 1973).


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