The Effect of UV-B Irradiation on the Integument of the Marine Flatfish Pleuronectes Platessa L.

  • Alistair M. Bullock
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 7)


Although it is universally recognised by dermatologists that UV-B is the component of the spectrum responsible for inducing cellular destruction in mammalian skin (e.g. Magnus 1976) the effect of UV-B on the fish integument has received little attention to date. This is probably due in part to the misconception common among many marine biologists that ultraviolet light does not penetrate seawater significantly. While this may be true of coastal waters high in particulate matter the work of Steeman Nielsen (1964), Jerlov (1968), Calkins (1975) and Smith and Baker (1978) indicates that UV-B can readily penetrate clear oceanic water to biologically significant depths.


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