Application of Luminescence Spectrometry to the Analysis of Fuels

  • Harold F. Smith


Luminescence spectrometry, which includes fluorescence and phosphorescence, is based on the absorption and reemission of light by a molecule, ion, or atom. It is of great analytical usefulness because the emitted light is characteristic of the electronic structure of the emitting substance. The phenomenon of luminescence is not new; the first monograph on luminescence was written by Liceti in 1640.(1) In 1845, Herschel(2) reported on the luminescent characteristics of quinine sulfate. Stokes,(3) in 1852, observed that, in all cases, the light emitted from a molecule was at longer wavelengths than that which it absorbed. His observation was termed the “Stokes shift” and has since become well understood. In 1895, Weidman and Schmidt,(4) and, in 1907, Stark and Mayer,(5) reported the first systematic study of luminescence of aromatic molecules.


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