Vasodepressor Substances Extractable from Kidney Tissue

  • Basab K. Mookerjee
  • Ram V. Patak


The concept that the kidneys exert two independent and opposing influences on the regulation of arterial blood pressure was formulated following the publication of the classical Goldblatt experiment (Goldblatt et al., 1934; Fasciolo et al., 1938; Braun-Menendez, 1958; Braun-Menendez and von Euler, 1947). The renal prohypertensive function conducive to the development of hypertension is thought to be related to at least two functional attributes of the kidneys, namely the retention of sodium and water, and the activation of the renin–angiotensin system. The renal antihypertensive function may also be exerted by a similar dual mechanism, e.g., the relief of sodium–volume loads brought about by renal excretion (natriuresis and diuresis) and probably also by activation of endocrine-type mechanisms that may act locally within the kidneys and possibly systemically on the peripheral vasculature as well (Grollman, 1959; Muirhead et al., 1975).


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