Progress on X-Ray Laser Research

  • P. Jaegle
  • G. Jamelot
  • A. Carillon
  • A. Sureau


The first international meeting allowing a session devoted to the X-ray laser investigations took place in Atlanta (Georgia, U.S.A) five years ago(1), In this meeting, the dense plasmas produced by laser impact were emphasized as the possible active medium for an X-ray laser. For our group it reported experimental results on the soft X-ray emission and ABSORPTION of lines in a plasma, interpreted in terms of excited state population close to the inversion with respect to the ground state of multiply charged ions. Different approaches have been proposed since. Although the plasmas still offer likely the best Promising approach, we will summarize briefly here the estimations which have been done about getting laser action in various ways, A number of references can be found in(2,3,4,5).


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  • P. Jaegle
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  • G. Jamelot
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  • A. Carillon
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  • A. Sureau
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  1. 1.Spectroscopie Atomique et Ionique, E.R n° 184, C.N.R.SUniversitè Paris-SudOrsayFrance

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