Nucleotide Concentrations in Leucocytes and Their Use in Controlling the Quality of Cell Preparations

  • R. A. Harkness
  • S. B. Coade
  • M. Mansell
  • R. J. Simmonds
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 141)


The association between a reduction in cellular ATP and reduced cell survival has been established for the erythrocyte by many groups (see Seegmiller 1980) and more recently for the kidney (Buhl, 1976a, b). The ATP concentrations in the erythrocyte have guided a search for better condictions of erythrocyte storage for blood transfusion. The factors altering intracellular ATP concentration are therefore of practical interest. A large number of factors reduce ATP concentration but it is difficult to raise it. One condition associated with raised ATP concentration in erythrocytes is renal failure (Mansell and Grimes, 1979).


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  • S. B. Coade
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  • M. Mansell
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