Pyroelectric Effect and Associated Phenomena

  • I. S. Zheludev


Linear dielectric crystals belonging to the polar classes (such as tourmaline, lithium sulfate, saccharose, etc.) do not undergo phase transitions, but they do exhibit spontaneous polarization throughout the whole range of temperatures in which they exist. Ferroelectrics usually have polar phases in the lower range of temperatures in which they exist. The most important difference between ferroelectrics and linear polar dielectrics (pyroelec-trics of the crystal classes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, m, 2·m, 3·m, 4·m, 6·m, and those having textures ∞, ∞·m) is that ferroelectrics split into regions of spontaneous polarization (domains) and pyroelectrics do not.


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