Hemes, Iron Sulfur Centers, and Single Crystals: Some Aspects of Recent Biological Work

  • E. Münck
  • R. Zimmermann


Nature abounds with a wide variety of iron containing biomolecules. These are intimately involved in practically all life sustaining processes and in that capacity they serve such functions as catalysis (nitrogenase and cytochrome P450, discussed below, are examples), electron transport (iron-sulfur proteins, many heme proteins, and rubredoxin), transport and storage of diatomic molecules (hemoglobin and myoglobin), and iron transport and storage. A typical biomolecule may have a molecular weight of l04 to 105, consisting for the most part of protein, a chain of amino acids folded in a specific way to stabilize a well-defined three-dimensional structure. Many biomolecules contain one or a few metal centers which are the focal point of action, i.e. the metal is at the “business center” of the molecule.


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