Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis

  • W. N. Delgass


A typical solid catalyst consists of 1–10 nm particles of the active components dispersed on a high-surface-area (~300 m2/g), relatively inert support. When one of the elements in the active component phase has a Mössbauer effect, a variety of catalytically important, and otherwise inaccessible, chemical properties of the catalyst can be measured. The detailed chemical information contained in the recoil free fraction, isomer shift, quadrupole splitting and magnetic dipole splitting derived from the Mössbauer spectrum can elucidate structure, bonding, composition and particle size of the active component phase. When particle size is small, a high fraction of the Mössbauer atoms are surface atoms, and their interactions with adsorbed gases make a strong contribution to the spectrum. The technique is illustrated by discussion of studies of supported iron, iron-exchanged zeolites, the ammonia synthesis catalyst and oxidation/ reduction catalysts. The emphasis is on the nature of catalytic problems susceptible to investigation by Mössbauer spectroscopy.


MOSSBAUER Spectroscopy Isomer Shift Quadrupole Splitting Electric Field Gradient Heterogeneous Catalysis 
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