Structure and Function of Glia Maturation Factor Beta

  • Ramon Lim
  • Asgar Zaheer
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 296)


In 1972 this laboratory observed the ability of brain extracts to promote the phenotypic expression of cultured astrocytes and named the active agent “glia maturation factor” (GMF) (Lim et al., 1972, 1973; Lim and Mitsunobu, 1974). Attempts at purifying this factor encountered a number of difficulties. First, it exists in low abundance. Second, the purer the protein is the more unstable it becomes. Third, as purification steps increase, the procedure becomes more and more laborious to carry through. These problems are common to many growth factors and therefore not unique to GMF. However, the purification of GMF was further complicated by the fact that the brain is a source of several other potent growth factors, some of which interfered with the monitoring of GMF.


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