Autonomic Nervous Control of the Intrinsic Cardiac Pacemaker and Its Electronic Analogue Simulator

  • J. K. Cywinski
  • W. J. Wajszczuk
  • A. C. K. Kutty


Influence and participation of the central and autonomic nervous systems on the performance of the cardiovascular system has been a subject of long interest and extensive studies (1–10). One of the parameters in evaluation of the cardiovascular function is the heart rate. Its regulation by the autonomic nervous system has been studied in depth (11–20). Attempts at better understanding the mechanisms of this regulation were made by developing a mathematical model of the heart rate control by the two antagonistically acting subdivisions of the autonomic nervous system, i.e., the sympathetic and parasympathetic (vagus) systems (21–23).Their role in the reflex control of the heart rate was discussed (11,12).


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