Psychosynthesis: A TV-Cybernetic Hologram Model

  • H. C. Tien


Psychosynthesis8 models man’s brain as random dot hologram. The human brain is a cybernetic synthesis of random bits of genetic information to maintain life through mutation, death and feedback in the Darwinian evolution. And the human mind is a cybernetic synthesis of random dots of cultural information. An adaptable personality is the psychosynthesis of evolution and culture. An adaptable personality survives and an unadaptable one dies. The psychosynthesis model suggests that evolution continues in the human cortex, and the mutation of an unadaptable personality can be achieved without death. This is based on the Theory of Psychosphere.


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  • H. C. Tien
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  1. 1.Michigan Institute of PsychosynthesisLansingUSA

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