Surface-Photopolymerization of Maleimides

  • A. Christopher
  • A. K. Fritzsche
  • A. Nelson Wright


It has been known for some time that butadiene in contact with metallic substrates polymerizes under the influence of ultraviolet light1. Depositions on various substrates from C4H 6 2,3 , and other diene and vinyl monomers3, and from the perhalogenated monomers C4C16 and C2F 4 2−4 have been described in some detail. The surface-photopolymerization process has also been extended to the vapors from solid monomers such as pyromellitic diimide and succinimide5. This paper describes surface-deposition of polymeric films from solid maleimide and other imide monomers, with emphasis on the thermally stable films deposited from the vapor of N-phenylmaleimide.


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  • A. Christopher
    • 1
  • A. K. Fritzsche
    • 1
  • A. Nelson Wright
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  1. 1.General Electric Research & Development CenterSchenectadyUSA

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