Applications of Ion Beams to Materials Science

  • L. C. Feldman
Part of the Nato ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 271)


Modern materials technology is largely based on the modification and control of the surface and interface regions of solids. Thin-film deposition has reached extraordinary levels where control on the monolayer scale is readily achievable. Lasers, ion beams, and electron beams are all used to modify the near-surface region of solids. Ceramic processing is strongly controlled by the interfacial phenomena involved in sintering, and the metal/polymer interface is crucial to the formation of material composites. This materials development would not be possible without the advent of analysis techniques which can examine the surface and interface regions of solids. This talk discussed the use of energetic ion beams in materials science, with special emphasis on scattering as a surface and interface analysis tool.


Interface Region Nuclear Reaction Analysis Elastic Recoil Detection Extraordinary Level Thin Film Analysis 
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