Strong Field Effects and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

  • Michael Golombok
  • Geraldine A. Kenney-Wallace
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 193)


As the preceding chapter has shown, ultrafast laser spectroscopy and the study of molecular relaxation phenomena in the 10−13s − 10−10s time regime have become an important route to identify and quantify those earliest molecular events, whose intrinsic interactions and dynamics comprise the microscopic character of condensed media. Computer simulations have played an increasingly significant role in recent years as an “experimental” testing ground for equilibrium and transport properties of liquids as a function of the choice and shape of the intermolecular potential and other system variables. The links between spectroscopy, electromagnetic field-induced interactions and the theory of molecular motion, are most generally sought through the formalism of time-correlated functions (Steele, 1984). Thus, the simulation of correlation functions could offer several test points of comparison for the response of a specific atomic or molecular liquid to a given external perturbation, such as a pulsed laser field. Several groups are already examining various aspects of electron-cluster interactions to determine the cluster size, stability, structure and ultimately, one hopes, the absorption spectrum of electrons solvated in the simpler liquids, such as water, ammonia and methanol. Chandler reviews some of this work earlier in this volume.


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