Theories of Electrolyte Solutions

  • Jayendran C. Rasaiah
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 193)


The systematic study of electrolyte solutions by van’t Hoff and Arrhenius (1887) established physical chemistry as a scientific discipline. Electrolytes are important not only in solution chemistry and in the chemistry of electrode processes, but also in geochemistry and oceanography and in many areas of biophysics and biochemistry. “Salt solutions”, as they are often referred to by chemists, are ubiquitous; they are easily handled in the laboratory and their properties accurately measured. Reams of experimental data on these solutions have been collected but their explanation and correlation in terms of the molecular (or microscopic) properties of the system continue to present major challenges to theoretical chemists. This has also lead to the formulation of sophisticated new techniques in statistical mechanics and the extensive use of computer simulation to study ionic fluids.


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