Gas/Liquid Transition: Interphase Physics

  • L. G. Christophorou
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 193)


In this chapter we focus on interphase physics — a rather new and transdisciplinary field of science — which deals with the effects of the nature, density, and state of the medium on the microscopic and macroscopic properties of — and processes in — matter in the intermediate density range between the low-pressure gas and the condensed (liquid) state. Such studies traditionally begin either at the liquid density and move progressively to lower — but still high — densities or begin at low densities (low pressure gases) and gradually move to denser and denser gaseous media. The former (the chemical) approach has been amply discussed by others in this volume; the latter (the physical) approach is the one we adopted in this chapter. Both approaches contributed greatly to the bridging of the density gap between the low pressure gas and the liquid.


Electron Affinity Electron Attachment Dissociative Electron Attachment Rydberg Electron Momentum Transfer Cross Section 
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