Interstate Marine Fisheries Compacts

  • J. L. McHugh
Part of the Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies book series (COASTAL, volume 10)


There are three such compacts in the United States, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact, which was approved by the Congress in 1942 (56 Stat. 267), the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Compact, and the Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact, which were approved later. These compacts, and the commissions that were established under them, were formed basically to promote better utilization of the marine fisheries resources in their areas. They represent 23 states, from Maine to Florida, including Pennsylvania, on the Atlantic coast; Florida to Texas on the Gulf of Mexico coast, and Alaska to California on the Pacific coast. We shall discuss only the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) in detail.


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