Adeno-Associated Virus Defectiveness and the Nature of the Adenovirus Helper Function

  • Barrie J. Carter
  • Catherine A. Laughlin
Part of the The Viruses book series (VIRS)


Adeno-associated virus (AAV) was first observed as a contaminant in preparations of adenovirus (Brandon and Maclean, 1962; Archetti and Bocciarelli, 1963, 1964, 1965; Archetti et al., 1965; Hoggan, 1965; Hull et al., 1965; Melnick et al., 1965) and subsequently recognized as a defective virus which was unconditionally dependent for its replication upon coinfection of the host cell with a helper adenovirus (Atchison et al., 1965; Hoggan et al.,1966; Parks et al., 1966). It was also realized that one other group of viruses, namely, herpes viruses could provide helper functions for the production of AAV DNA, RNA, and proteins (Atchison, 1970; Blacklow et al., 1970; 1971a; Boucher et al., 1971; Carter and Rose, 1972; Carter et al., 1972; Dolin and Rabson, 1973; Rose and Koczot, 1972). For some time, it was generally believed that the herpes virus helper function for AAV was incomplete and that either formation of AAV capsids or packaging of AAV DNA into capsids failed to occur (Atchison, 1970; Henry et al.,1972). However, more recent work has demonstrated that herpes viruses can provide a complete AAV helper function and allow production of fully infectious AAV particles (Buller et al., 1981).


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