Structure and Dynamics of Size Selected Clusters

  • Udo Buck
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The infrared photodissociation of weakly bound complexes has attracted much interest in recent years.1,2 In these experiments a vibrational mode of one molecular component is excited by an infrared photon. If the photon energy is larger than the binding energy of the complex, the complex predissociates. Typically, the clusters are prepared in a supersonic expansion and the dissociation is measured by monitoring the depletion of the molecular beam as a function of the laser frequency. The measured fraction dissociated Pdiss is given by 3,4
$${P_{diss}} = 1 - \exp [ - \sigma (v)F/(hv)],$$
where σ(v) is the dissociation cross section, F the laser fluence and hv the photon energy. In principle, these dissociation spectra contain three observables:
  1. 1)

    the line shift Δv which is caused by the interaction of the excited oscillator with the surrounding molecules and thus gives information on the structure of the cluster;

  2. 2)

    the linewidth Γ which, if interpreted as homogeneously broadened, gives information on the lifetime and thus on the dynamical coupling of the molecular vibrational mode to the internal cluster modes;

  3. 3)

    the dissociation cross section v which is directly related to the absorption and decay process.



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