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Carbides of the Transition Metals

  • T. Ya. Kosolapova


According to the first investigations, a single carbide corresponding in composition to the formula Sc4C3 exists in the system Sc — C [25]. However, subsequent investigations have not confirmed the existence of this carbide. A carbide has been obtained corresponding to the formula ScC, which crystallizes in the NaCl-type cubic lattice [179], and the existence of the carbide Sc2C with a hexagonal structure has been suggested. Vickery and his coworkers [180] have confirmed the existence of the carbide ScC and found that it has a hexagonal structure; however, this has not been confirmed in subsequent investigations and is evidently incorrect.


Iron Carbide Titanium Carbide Homogeneity Range Chromium Carbide Vanadium Carbide 
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