Developmental Analysis of fs(1)1867, an Egg Resorption Mutation of Drosophila Melanogaster

  • János Szabad
  • János Szidonya
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 16)


The genetic dissection of reproduction started several years ago with the characterization of mutations which interefere with fertility (Gans et al., 1975; Postlethwait et al., 1976; Khipple and King, 1976; Landers et al., 1976; Rizzo and King, 1977; Bownes and Hames, 1978; King et al., 1978; Postlethwait and Handler, 1978; for reviews see King, 1970; King and Mohler, 1975). Among these the female sterile mutations identify genes which are responsible for the synthesis of molecules produced and used in oogenesis and embryogenesis. Special attention is paid to the maternal effect lethal (mel) mutations which cause failure of development in eggs laid by homozygous females (Rice and Garen, 1975; MacMorris Swanson and Poodry, 1976; Mohler, 1977; Fausto-Sterling et al., 1977; for review see King and Mohler, 1975). These eggs are defective in some compound which becomes part of the ooplasm during oogenesis and reveal genes which are determinative for the development of the embryo.


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  • János Szidonya
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