The Use of Ammonium Perchlorate with the Hydrogen-Argon-Entrained Air Flame in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Keith E. Burke
  • C. H. Albright
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 8)


The use of ammonium perchlorate increased the usefulness of the hydrogenargon-entrained air (H2AA) flame. Arsenic, lead, tin, copper, bismuth, cobalt, iron, nickel, antimony, zinc, and selenium were studied. Copper, cobalt, iron, and nickel gave no signal in the relatively low temperature of the H2AA flame. The presence of ammonium perchlorate produced a signal which allowed these elements to be readily detected with a response greater than is obtained with an acetylene-air flame. The presence of a copper, iron, or nickel matrix obliterates the signal from elements studied in the H2AA flame. The presence of ammonium perchlorate does not completely eliminate the matrix effect.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Keith E. Burke
    • 1
  • C. H. Albright
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  1. 1.Paul D. Merica Research LaboratoryThe International Nickel Company, Inc.SuffernUSA

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