Upgrading Fine-Grained Iron Ores: (i) General Review (ii) Agbaja Iron Ore

  • G. G. O. O. Uwadiale


Methods of upgrading fine-grained iron ores are reviewed — a fine-grained ore deposit defined as one with mineral matter so finely disseminated within the gangue matrix that crushing and grinding, to effect liberation, only produce ‘fines’ that respond poorly to conventional beneficiation processes.

The review, which covers the broad spectrum of industrial, pilot plant and laboratory techniques, as well as novel propositions, embraces such unit processes as: (i) Flotation — the Yang process of direct flotation of minus 500 mesh iron ore without a desliming step; (ii) Reverse flotation/flocculation-flotation; (iii) Selective flocculation; (iv) Electrolytic coagulation; (v) Oil agglomeration; (vi) Magnetiaing reduction; and (vii) Oil extraction, Caustic digestion, Acid leaching.

The processing techniques of froth flotation, flocculation with starch, flocculation with polyacrylamides, electrolytic coagulation, oil agglomeration and magnetizing reduction were utilized on Nigeria’s largest iron ore deposit, Agbaja iron ore. The deposit, with 95% of the ore grains <5μm, yielded very good results only with the magnetizing reduction and oil agglomeration techniques. Concentrates with >60% Fe assays and >83% Fe distributions were obtained. The positive response to these two processing techniques, and poor response to others, are discussed.


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