Operating Parameters in the Column Flotation of Alabama Oil Shale

  • C. W. Schultz
  • John B. Bates


A factionally designed experiment performed in a one meter column flotation cell identified the important factors affecting the flotation of eastern oil shales. These initial tests were performed in a batch mode, and as a result, the effect of certain operating variables was observed.

Several series of tests were performed in the same cell operating in a continuous, i.e. equilibrium, mode. In the course of optimizing the separation, operating conditions were established which are outside the normal realm of column cell operations. Preferred conditions included positioning the pulp-froth interface below the midpoint of the column and introducing feed into the froth phase rather than into the pulp.

A third generation of experiments were performed in a variable height column. This configuration has allowed independent evaluations of froth height, feed positioning, spray water addition and froth drainage.


Column Height Froth Height Concentrate Grade Feed Inlet Froth Drainage 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • C. W. Schultz
    • 1
  • John B. Bates
    • 1
  1. 1.Mineral Resources InstituteThe University of AlabamaTuscaloosaUSA

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