Interparticle Forces of Clays

  • Philip F. Low


Clays modify the physical behavior of any porous medium in which they are incorporated. If they are present in small proportions, they lend plasticity and strength to the medium when it is wet, especially if the other components of the medium are relatively large in size. But, if they are present in large proportions, their swelling or disjoining pressure can destabilize the medium. Then, when drying occurs, their shrinkage can produce planes of weakness and fissures that affect its structure and integrity. All of these effects depend on forces that operate between the clay particles. Despite their importance, these forces are not well understood. However, enough is known about them, especially as a result of recent research, to warrant the present discussion. It should be emphasized that this discussion is not intended to be an exhaustive review. It is intended to give the author’s perception of the subject and to justify this perception with a few examples of the kinds of supporting evidence that are available.


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