An Expansion in Schur Functions and Its Applications in Enumerative Geometry

  • Hung-Hsi Wu
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This chapter presents a method for calculating the coefficient \({{c}_{\left( {{\lambda }_{1,...,{{\lambda }_{n}}}} \right)}}\) for the expansion of polynomial powers of Schur functions
$$(x_{1}^{k}+\cdot \cdot \cdot +x_{n}^{k})=\sum{{{C}_{({{\lambda }_{1}},\cdot \cdot \cdot ,{{\lambda }_{n}})}}}{{S}_{({{\lambda }_{1}},\cdot \cdot \cdot ,{{\lambda }_{n}})}}({{X}_{1}},\cdot \cdot \cdot ,{{x}_{n}})$$
and applies it to the discussion of some problems of enumerative geometry.


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