Adventitious Bud Production from Mature Picea Abies: Rejuvenation Associated with Female Strobili Formation

  • Kathryn X. Wang
  • David F. Karnosky
  • Roger Timmis
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 210)


Developing female strobili of mature Picea abies were induced to form adventitious bud primordia when cultured on half-strength LP medium, containing 10-5 M 6-benzyl amino purine. Further development of buds required transfer to media free of growth regulators. A high frequency of strobili discs forming bud primordia was obtained only when strobili were collected at about the time of meiosis. Adventitious buds arose mainly from the outside edges of strobili discs; some also arose from the cut surface of the ovuliferous scales. The frequency of adventitious bud formation varied from tree to tree, indicating intraspecific variation in bud formation.


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  • David F. Karnosky
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  • Roger Timmis
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