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The Central Visceromotor System: A General Survey

  • Walle J. H. Nauta
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Up to the present time, the existence of a visceromotor system central to the preganglionic motor neurons has been very largely a physiological concept that appears to have originated shortly after the middle of the nineteenth century with Flourens’ notion of a respiratory “noeud vital” in the medulla oblongata, Schiff’s identification of a medullary “vasoconstrictor center” and Claude Bernard’s medullary “pîqure glycosmique.” Only half a century later was the hypothalamus identified as a major visceromotor territory, largely by the fundamental studies of Kar-plus and Kreidl.9 The central visceromotor system thus became visualized, as it still is today, as consisting essentially of the hypothalamus and the neural links connecting the latter with the preganglionic motor neurons.


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