Determining the Transmission Coefficient and Degree of Optical Stability of the Earth’s Atmosphere

  • E. V. Pyaskovskaya-Fesenkova


As is well known, the Bouguer long method gives the correct value of the transmission coefficient only when atmospheric transmittance remains constant during observations. Therefore, we must have a way to monitor the optical stability of the atmosphere. The Bouguer line does not provide such a possibility. The relative aureole, i.e., the ratio of the illuminations from the solar aureole and from the sun, can serve as a criterion of optical stability. In 1933, V. G. Fesenkov showed theoretically that the relative aureole is linearly related to the atmospheric mass in the direction of the sun, and, therefore, when it is determined at a number of different solar zenith distances, it gives a straight line that passes through the coordinate origin. Any even slight change in the optical properties of the atmosphere will cause individual determinations to depart from this line [1]. In this respect, the line of the relative solar aureole is a more sensitive characteristic of these properties than is the Bouguer line.


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