Seasonal Variations of the Telluric Lines of Oxygen and Water Vapor in the Solar Spectrum

  • N. I. Kozhevnikov
  • F. G. Sitnik
  • A. T. Khlystov


In [1], we examined some of the characteristics of the spectral bands of water vapor in the atmosphere. We used data from observations in 1958 near Moscow (Kuchinsk Astrophysical Observatory) and in the Tien Shan expedition of the P. K. Shternberg State Astronomical Institute near Alma-Ata. These observations showed, among other things, that in mountainous regions the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere varies considerably throughout the day. It was of interest to study the annual variations of the telluric lines. For this, during the summer and winter we made photoelectric recordings of the water-vapor and oxygen spectra on a spectrometer with high dispersion. Some of the results of these studies will be discussed below.


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  • N. I. Kozhevnikov
  • F. G. Sitnik
  • A. T. Khlystov

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