Some Statistical Determinations of the Instability of Television Images of Stars

  • N. F. Kuprevich
  • A. Kh. Kurmaeva


Experimental work on a television compensator for interference from atmospheric turbulence in astronomical observations has been started at the Main Astronomical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Some possibilities for using photoelectric and television methods to combat noise have already been considered [1, 2]. To determine certain fundamental conditions for the design of a television noise compensator, however, it was necessary to study and statistically process large-scale (the telescope had an optical focus of 125 m) star images, which were filmed from a kinescope screen at 25 frames/sec. It was also necessary to create, if only rather approximately, a method of determining a quality criterion for an astronomical (in this case, a point) image and, thereby, to be able to compare quantitatively the changes in the structure of the image caused by scintillation.


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  • A. Kh. Kurmaeva

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