Precise Measurement of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon

  • F. J. M. Farley
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I am going to describe an experiment(1) carried out at CERN which determines the gyromagnetic ratio gµ of the muon, (and hence its magnetic moment), to ± 0.3 parts per million (ppm). This number is relevant to your conference first of all because you will be considering the spin-spin interaction of the muon and electron in muonium. Here the hyperfine structure splitting is proportional to gμα2 so an accurate knowledge of gμ is essential for a deter-minalion of α (by this method. The experiment also establishes that the muon is a point-like particle, obeying the standard quantum-electrodynamics, and that it has no extra detectable interaction or structure which might perturb the energy levels in muonium. I will return to these questions at the end of my talk.


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  1. 1.The Royal Military College of ScienceShrivenham, Swindon, WiltshireEngland

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