New Alpha Energy Standards

  • A. Rytz
  • B. Grennberg
  • D. J. Gorman


The measurements of absolute energy of ∝-particles carried out in the past are only few in number. This is due to the fact that in ∝- ray spectroscopy only a moderately accurate energy scale is actually needed. Further, an absolute spectrometer has necessarily such a low transmission that it is of little use in more advanced ∝- ray work. Nevertheless, there are several good reasons why reliable ∝-energy standards are of considerable importance.


Length Standard Photographic Plate Particle Path Energy Standard Particle Orbit 


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  • A. Rytz
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  • B. Grennberg
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  • D. J. Gorman
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  1. 1.Bureau International des Poids et MesuresSèvresFrance

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