Metabolism and Function of Normal Platelets

  • E. F. Lüscher


The history of platelet metabolism and platelet function is rather unusual: At the end of the last century most workers agreed that platelets were of the greatest importance for hemostasis, as well as for thrombus formation (cf. 12,38,50,39). In 1905 Morawitz (83) published what is sometimes called the classical scheme of blood coagulation with platelets playing a cardinal role in prothrombin activation and in 1912 Warburg (120), soon followed by others (73,94) showed that platelets display respiratory activity. Many years characterized by general disinterest in platelets followed, and it was only two decades ago that their importance under physiological and pathological conditions was rediscovered. This more recent work has shown beyond doubt that platelets are amazingly complex structures with a remarkable spectrum of energy-dependent activities.


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  1. 1.Theodor Kocher InstituteUniversity of BerneSwitzerland

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