Methodological approaches

  • G. N. Kryzhanovsky


The syndromes of the disturbances of the activity of the nervous system and particularly the activity of the brain cannot be completely reproduced experimentally in animals not only because of the anisomorphosism of the structural and functional organization of the brain of man and animals, but also because of the specific social environment which is of particular significance to man. This environment plays a great role not only in the origin of various forms of the nervous system’s pathologic state, but also in the establishment of the characteristics of their manifestation, course and elimination. From the methodological point of view, however, pathogenetically adequate model equivalents of the pathology of the human nervous system can be created. This is a matter of not reproducing nosologic forms and diseases which are specific of man, but creating models of syndromes which may occur in the case of various affections of the central nervous system. That is the topic of this part of the book.


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