Liquid Structure Factor Measurements on the Quantum Liquids

  • Robert B. Hallock


We have completed an analysis of data obtained from recent experiments in which Cu (1.54 Å) X rays were scattered from liquid 3He. The liquid structure factor S was determinedt† as a function of momentum transfer k in two completely independent scattering experiments: (1) T= 0.36°K, 0.133 < k < 1.125 Å−1 and (2) T = 0.41°K, 0.15 < k < 2.1 Å−1. As usual (see, e.g., Hallock2), the structure factor was determined from the basic expression
$$=\frac{I{{\rho }_{G}}{{T}_{G}}}{{{I}_{G\rho }}T}\left( \frac{{{\xi }_{e}}+{{\xi }_{i}}}{{{\sigma }_{e}}} \right)-\frac{{{\sigma }_{i}}}{{{\sigma }_{e}}}$$
where I is the observed intensity, ρ is the number density, T is the transmission factor, and σ and ξ are scattering factors for the liquid helium and neon (normalization gas G), respectively.


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  • Robert B. Hallock
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  1. 1.Department of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of MassachusettsAmherstUSA

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