Stress-Strain Characteristics of Vascular Prostheses: Is There a Relationship to Healing and Graft Patency?

  • Axel D. Haubold
  • Harvey S. Borovetz
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 166)


Considerable interest has been generated by the so-called compliance hypothesis. This hypothesis was formally introduced by Abbott et al.(1987) and by Clark et al.(1976) based on the observation that the patency of a series of vascular grafts correlated with the elasticity of these grafts. The hypothesis states that patency of a vascular prosthesis will be optimal if its mechanical properties match those of the anastomosed natural vessel. Intuitively, this premise appears obvious and seems to be supported by their data and that of others (Christenson et al.,1987; Kinley and Marble, 1980; Edwards and Mulherin, 1980; Walden et al.,1980; Seifert et al.,1979; White et al.,1987). Seifert et al.(1979), for example, indicated that the patency of polyurethane prostheses, whose elasticity closely approximated that of the native artery, was superior to prosthesis which were either more or less elastic than the native vessel. Consequently, prostheses have been developed to “match” and maintain the compliance of the native vessels (White et al.,1982; Hess et al.,1984; van der Lei et al.,1986; Taylor, 1982; Annis et al., 1978; Fisher et al.,1984; Gogolewski and Galleti,1984). Herein lies the dilemma for the developer of a small diameter prosthesis — “what is meant by the term vessel wall compliance of an artery”.


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