The Thirteenth Study

Broken Chords on Each String, Designed to Develop Assurance in Individual Finger-gliding
  • Robert Dolejší
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Simultaneously with a study of broken chords on each string, designed to develop assurance in individual finger-gliding, an opportunity is provided for dextrous hand-shifting, for, despite the fact that the finger itself performs the shift, the entire hand (as explained on p. 5 of the Introduction) must move into the actual position indicated by the fingering. With the hand held well around to insure constant freedom and poise, the changes must be performed deftly and assuredly. If at all present in one’s playing, the faulty cramped posture in the higher positions caused by straight fingers gliding ahead of the hand must be corrected in this study. All the principles of proper shifting that have been discussed in preceding studies are to be kept in mind here.


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