A Thermal Stratification Model of a Cryogenic Tank at Supercritical Pressures

  • I. M. Chen
  • R. E. Anderson
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 17)


Storage and expulsion of cryogenic fluids at supercritical pressures has unique advantages for space applications. With the fluid at supercritical pressure in a single-phase state, the problems of separation of liquid and vapor to effect liquid transfer and feedout at zero or low g, normally associated with a subcritical storage system, are avoided. Fluid expulsion in such a system is accomplished by adding thermal energy from a heater to the stored fluid so that the tank is maintained within a nominal supercritical pressure range during the tank depletion process.


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  • I. M. Chen
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  • R. E. Anderson
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