Reflections and Perspectives on ‘Therapeutic Issues for Today’s Adult Women’

  • Malkah T. Notman
Part of the Women in Context: Development and Stresses book series (WICO)


Women in their middle years are at varying points in their own life cycles. One women at 40 may be a grandmother, another may be having her first child. Women’s lives are also not linear—that is, they do not progress in a predictable sequence; many roles, positions, and psychological states may occur in varying sequences. Although women are affected by their reproductive timetable, this is not the only major framework, and the interrelated components of biology, culture, and psychology have an enormous impact. Therefore, women who are in their “middle years” will bring a variety of therapeutic issues to attention. There is some similarity, however, in the threads that run through many of these issues, particularly if one focuses on the midlife aspects of the problems presented. In confronting the finiteness of life as one comes to perceive it in midlife, an assessment is made of where one is and where one might like to be. Choices that were made, choices that still can be made, and their consequences are considered and evaluated. For women these sometimes concern decisions about having children, sometimes about careers, marriages.


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