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  • Edward J. Cafruny
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The title of this symposium, “Pharmacological Intervention of Aging Process,” is bold. Intervention suggests interference or prevention, and thus the title conveys the optimistic notion that drugs may extend the natural life-span or, at the very least, make our declining years more comfortable. This idea is on the fringe of controversy, for in recent years we have been obsessed with the antithetical notion that drugs are harmful and life-shortening. But then we have always had mixed feelings about drugs. Even among those who discount the value of drugs, the nepenthe of the ancient Greeks and Ponce de Leon’s search for a fountain of youth find expression today in health spas and in special food stores with their ginseng and natural vitamins. It seems that when plants rearrange the elements of our planet, the resultant drugs are considered natural and therefore good -- apt to prolong life; when humans rearrange the same elements, the resultant drugs are synthetic and therefore suspect -- apt to shorten life.


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